Lemon Salmon & Cherry Tomatos Cous Cous

P1140742A modified

This is my speedy meal, Lemonny Salmon and Cherry Tomato Cous Cous. You won’t believe this can be ready in 15 minutes.

What’s in it? Obviously Salmon with smered of lemon zest, paprika powder, grated ginger, garlic oil. My lazy cous cous is has coarse sea salt, paprika powde. Then I had small finely chop onion, halved cherry tomatos and lemon juice. Simply seal the both side of salmon, when the salmon is ready to lay on plate. I just mix the cous cous and onion together and served on the same plate with salmon.

The lemon actually take off the acrid burn of the onion, it go well with cherry tomatos, cous cous. It is very satisfying meal.

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