Sage & Honey


Look at the amber gold colour of sage honey, and these simple ingredients is a good remedy for sore throat. The word Sage comes from the Latin word meaning “to Save”, because it has very strong anti-inflammatory, decongestant and antiseptic properties, so when you combine sage with honey, which has anti-bacterial and healing properties, it makes a very effective remedy for sore throats. Here’s how to make it:

  • Fresh bunch of sage leaves (wash and dry)
  • Runny honey just enough to cover the sage leaves
  1. Get a large jar of good quality runny honey,and a large bunch of fresh sage leaves. Give the sage a good wash, and dry it a bit.
  2. Put the sage into the large non-stick pan, (the reason to use large pan because the honey can easily over boil the pan) add in honey to cover the sage leaves.
  3. Heat on high, make sure you watch it carefully until it starts to boil, then turn it to the lowest heat and leave it for simmering 1 hour, stirring it occasionally. (this is the time when honey will start bubble up, so keep an eye on it)
  4. After 1 hour leave it to cool slightly while you sterilised the jars. (you sterilise by putting into the sink with boiling water) Remove the sage leave from the pan before you strain the honey into sterilised the jars (be careful on the hot sugary honey when you handle it, don’t let it got on your skin, it will burn your skin)
  5. To make them look appealing, you can add a small stem of sage leaves to each jar, then seal them with the lid. The sage honey will set hard in the jar, so when you consuming it make sure your spoon is clean, dry and heavy duty spoon.

Keep a jar in your cupboard for the day when you get a sore throat, then just get a clean and dry teaspoon of the honey and let if slowly dissolve in your mouth, so that the honey and sage can do it’s work! You can have it 3 or 4 times daily.

If you have a cold, you can add a teaspoon of the sage honey to a sachet of cold remedy such as Lemsip.

Storage, a jar of this will keep for 6 months, although I have been able to keep it for much longer than that. I treat it as a candy-on-spoon and let the honey melt slowly into mouth, not only tasty yet good for throat. Hope you enjoy it too!

4 thoughts on “Sage & Honey

  1. I have a pot of this sitting in my cupboard thanks to your post here. It has scared away a sore throat already! Amazing remedy!

  2. Very interesting remedy! A lovely idea! I always thought of honey as a panacea, but didn’t know sage could act as one as well.

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