Christmas Soirée 2014

During the year of 2014, it has been a great year for me. When I reviewed it last week, it wasn’t bad at all. Well, as usual I organized a Christmas Soirée to finish the year.

Obviously, the food should be familiar and welcoming. Although I born and grew up in Asia, and I have not experienced a proper Christmas during my childhood until I met Andrews, therefore I tried to embrace and relishing the British tradition in its foreign land of Asia; it may sounds odd and it turned out to be surprised. All of them has the story to tell, such as mince pie, it is used to be large savoury dish back in Middle Ages and filled with chopped meat or liver mixed with diced hard-boiled egg and ginger; until it predominated and the meat was replaced with suet. Even during the Christmas of 1644, mince pie was banned by Oliver Cromwell. How interesting history become.

Every Continent of Europe has it tradition of food especially during Christmas. French have a simple almost seafood palette from oyster or seashell seafood to fish or goose as main course, dessert are usually chocolate, Kouglof. Most people will terrified with the preparation of Christmas dinner, when you think about it, with some help from local butcher, some of the skilled work they can done it for you. Of course with some good supermarket selling good quality prepared food in can or jar that obviously help to ease off the stress of Christmas cooking. Andrews told me about how their grandmother prepared the Christmas dinner, everything from scratch. I’m really impressed with most of the food that Andrews grandmother cooked, the recipe is complicated for to understand.

I think is a good practice to have a family cook book pass down to next generation, so the family will inherited the recipe for many year. That’s all about home cooking, I think restaurant food is based on home cooked recipe and present it in the different way so it look nicer on the serving plate. I believe every household has a good recipe that going to embrace by the family, this make me feel very grounded to family recipe as it is always the basic to start off your fancy cookery. So start to jotting down your family recipe and embrace it. Don’t let the time vanish away a good recipe.

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