Cleaning cooking Appliances

Cleaning 3

Coffee maker – fill the reservoir with a cup of white vinegar and top up with hoy water. Run the coffee maker as if you were making a cup of coffee – obviously without any coffee beans – and once the cycle has finished, run it through twice more with just plain water. This will rinse out the vinegar and any residue that has built up inside.

Microwaves – microwaves are difficult to clean because you don’t want to leave any smell behind that might penetrate the food. Pur a plastic bowl three-quater full with water in the microwave (make sure it is suitable for microwaves) with a few teaspoons of bircarbonate of soda and run onhigh for two minutes. Remove the bowl and wipe it clean with paper towel or clean cloth. These will be no need to rub vigorously as every spot will come off ease.

Oven – How often have you used a harsh oven cleaner which has left you with burning eyes and nasty feeling in the back of the throat from breathing in toxic fumes. Make a paste out of equal parts of bircarbonate of soda and water and spread over all surface. Leave overnight and then just wipe it all clean with a damp cloth. Easy and no caustic chemicals to damage your health.

Refrigerators – You wouldn’t want to use anything perfumed or toxic in a place where you store food, so use the same paste as you did for cleaning the oven and use it as an abrasive to get rid of any stubborn marks. wipe down with clean cloth and water and your fridge will smell as fresh and clean as the day you bought it.

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