Big sandwich

P1170050ASandwich can be in any form you prefer. I had mine with rye bread, I think I got the bread wrong for this recipe or the boulangerie had made this since morning and gone a bit stale when I got it in the afternoon. So I treated it as old bread, I using it up for sandwich on the next day lunch even dinner too.

As you could see the interesting layers of colour is lovely filling of my choice, you could easily have your own filling whichever suits your mood. Eating is all about yourself, as you feeling like what you wanting to eat on the next day.

I had chicken fillet, fresh basil, red and yellow pepper, fresh mozzarella cut into slices, basil pesto. (I always have it in my store cupboard, you could buy one from supermarket) To start off with I give the chicken fillet a bit of garlic oil massage with bit of cinnamon powder, black pepper, salt, thyme. Give it a good coating of the spice scrub, then leave aside to relax.

Slide the top of the bread off about 1/3 of the bread, scoop the bread and you end up with a bread bowl. Put the scooped bread into a large bowl then crumble them and let it stale a little.

Cut the pepper lengthways and remove the seed. pop into the hot oven for about 10 minutes or until it brown at the edge. Then on the medium heat for a frying pan tip the chicken fillet into the pan and fry it about 10 to 15 minutes depending the size of the fillet, until is brown on the outside cook through. Set aside.Come back to the bread crumbs, mix in the cooked pepper into the bowl to mix with bread crumbs, add some olive oil, sherry vinegar about a tablespoon each.
Now layering the bread, start at the bottom, spread the basil pesto then layering the pepper, mozzarella, chicken fillet, more pepper then fresh basil leave on top layer. Finally pop the bread lid on, use cling film to wrap it round tightly and put it in the fridge.  You could serve as it is. I think the best bread for this is Bloomer. Simply because the colour, the crust. You can refer to the recipe for the bread if you are keen on making bread. Honestly I couldn’t find bloomer in any local boulangerie, maybe not French bread but the British should have it in their bakery. It will be better if you could make your own bread. That is a lot of non sense about making bread must using machine, think again those year before machinery every household making their bread by hand, why shouldn’t embrace it, the joyfulness of making bread by hand. The is the wonderful relationship between you and the food. I hope you will having a good time with bread and make use of the whole bread as well.

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