Clutter-control guide

mosaic clutter free

Boxes, bins, baskets will ensure that you stay organized. Schedule regular maintenance to keep on top of everything.


  • Sort incoming mail; recycle junk mail and newspaper
  • Clear your desk or other workspace
  • Hang up and put away backpacks, clothing, shoes, and handbags
  • Put away toys and keep it in their boxes
  • Leave the kitchen in order before going to bed; clear away dirty dishes from the sink and empty the dishwasher.


  • Discard any food in the refrigerator that’s past its prime or date.
  • Empty your wallet of receipts and file them
  • Sort through invitations and other notice, jotting down important dates in your calendar and tossing outdated items.
  • File away schoolwork, such as art projects and returned homework.


  • Recycle magazines and catalogues you no longer want, store all others
  • File paid bills
  • Fill important documents for long-term storage, such as pay slips.
  • Delete unnecessary digital files and back up the rest.

Twice Annually

  • Toss out old cosmetic and grooming products
  • Dispose of expired medication
  • Discard pantry items that are past their use-by date.
  • Replenish first-aid kit


  • Sort through clothing, toys and shoes; give unwated item to charity.
  • After paying taxes, do a thorough inventory of filed financial documents; shred anything you no longer need.
  • Sort through spices and replenish as needed.
  • Go through utility spaces; restock equipment, tools, batteries and such, as needed.

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